Becoming a Member of the Eastburg Community Alliance is now easier than ever and only a click away!

Simply download the application, fill it out and return with annual membership dues to:

Eastburg Community Alliance
5 South Kistler Street
East Stroudsburg, PA  18301


Benefits of an ECA Membership

    • Promotion and advertising for your business through our regular promotions and web presence
    • Downtown Business promotion through seasonal events that attract over 20,000 potential consumers to the downtown every year
    • Admission to ECA’s Monthy Business Lunch Seminars, which offer valuable guest speakers on topics relevant to our community and responsive to its needs
    • Professional consulting from our professionals from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center
    • Link to your business or organization (limited s100 plus memberships) upon request
    • Advocacy for merchants and other stakeholders on issues that are important to you
    • Quarterly E-News Letter
    • Ability to contribute to important community projects, such as the Dansbury Depot Preservation Project; downtown beautification; community visioning
    • Qualification to serve on ECA committees and have a leadership role in the community
    • Connection to a valuable network of local business owners
    • Ability to make a positive impact for your business as well as the downtown district as a whole

Please review the attached levels of membership and consider joining the ECA.  We are on track for the future, and we’d love to have you along.


Committee Membership

The Eastburg Community Alliance believes that community involvement is everyone’s responsibility. Our work takes place through the ECA member-run committees described below:

Promotion: Markets Downtown East Stroudsburg. Responsible for Fundraising, special events and programming, Promotes a positive image for the community. Sub-committees include Event Planning and Historic Preservation.

Design: Enhances the Physical appearance of downtown East Stroudsburg. Advises the facade grant application process and program, and streetscape designs. Advises the historical/architectural aspects of downtown development and the Dansbury Depot Rehabilitation project.

Economic Revitalization: Strengthens Economic Base of East Stroudsburg and surrounding region. Responsible for business retention and recruitment, marketing and development of economic generating programming. Sub-committees include Housing Incentives.

Organization: Consensus Building. Responsible for long-term sustainability fundraising for the organization. Developing partnerships. Recruiting membership. Coordinating and directing volunteers. Raising funds and building foundation memberships.

Danbury Depot Ad Hoc Committee: Responsible for raising funds, developing strategies and building supportive programming for the relocation and rehabilitation and re-use of the Historic Dansbury Depot.

You must be an ECA member in order to serve on an ECA Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities are open to anyone willing to give of his or her time for the betterment of East Stroudsburg and beyond. You do not need to be an ECA Member to volunteer.

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