About Us

Our Mission:  to advance the sense of place, quality of life, and economic vitality of downtown East Stroudsburg.  

Over 30 years ago, local leaders and business owners, many of them lifelong residents, formed an organization that would become the Eastburg Community Alliance or ECA.

After years of service and dedication to the downtown business community, the leading founders of ECA would later apply to the nationally acclaimed Main Street Program directed by the Pennsylvania Downtown Center. After an intensive review process, the ECA was formally accepted in 2002.

A 501c3 non-profit corporation, under the auspices of the Main Street Program and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, the ECA is funded through a combination of local grants, direct fundraising, memberships, local contributions, in-kind donations from the community, as well as through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

DCED funds, which require a local dollar-to-dollar cash match from local funding sources, act to provide operational support and direct assistance to downtown businesses through ECA administered design and facade grants, which improve the look and function of our downtown.

ECA’s Main Street Program is overseen by a voluntary board of directors.

Much of the work of the ECA depends on its members and the active participation of volunteers from the community.


Board of Directors

  • Sonya Cole
  • Sharon Laverdure
  • Roger DeLarco
  • Nicole Murray
  • Melanie Frassinelli
  • John Schoonover
  • Shelia Sherer
  • Miguel Barbosa
  • Jim Phillips, Ex-officio Member

Community Engagement

Community-minded citizens are the driving force of the Eastburg Community Alliance. Volunteers serve on standing committees or assist with specific projects. Standing commities serve as the cornerstone of the Eastburg Community Alliance and the Main Street philosophy.

The Eastburg Community Alliances encourages you to join the alliance make East Stroudsburg a special place to live, work and play. Please visit our Membership Section to learn More.

Facade Grant Program

The ECA’s Facade Grant program provides matching grants up to $5,000.00 for businesses to add new signage, lighting, paint, siding, awnings and any other additions or upgrades that generally improve the attractiveness of their store or office-front. This program thus improves the look, function and attractiveness of our commercial district one business at a time, which inspires increased commerce and business retention for ALL. All Downtown Businesses located within ECA’s Main Street Designation are eligible to apply for design and façade grants, which increase the value of your business and play a significant role in attracting customers and clients. To date, the ECA has administered $135,000.00 in façade grants to local businesses.

Downtown Beautification

ECA is instrumental in the social, economic and ascetic development of downtown Eastburg. The ECA has partnered with Project Street Art to finish the Crystal Street Mural and added two more locations in East Stroudsburg to allow for the creative expression of our young artists as well as the creation of a visual history of our community along Crystal Street.

ECA also helped to provide the streetlights and banners that distinguish our downtown. ECA’s Main St. designation enabled the ECA to provide grant writing services and advocacy with the PA Dept of Community and Economic Development to assist the Borough of East Stroudsburg.in securing $275,000.00 towards a comprehensive downtown streetscape project through the Downtown Reinvestment Program. In conjunction with providing street lights and banners and funding and leading the unique Mosaic project along Crystal Street, ECA created and maintains the quaint, attractive atmosphere that sets Eastburg apart and offers a unique sense of place to Eastburg.

In support of these essential streetscape investments, the ECA will partner with East Stroudsburg University in their Adopt-A-Block program to help maintain a clean downtown business district.

Events and Promotions

ECA is responsible for running numerous community events which  bring residents and visitors together to enjoy and market our downtown. Seasonal  events not only offer a sense of community and place to residents and visitors they also help to promote our town’s social and capital assets. ECA, in partnership with the Borough, have brought East Stroudsburg itsAmerican Freedom Festival for the past 12 years. This event attracts over 15,000 people to our downtown and unquestionably puts our community on the map.  ECA’s farmer’s market allows local farmers to provide healthy fares to our residents, and seasonal celebrations such as the Fall Octoberfest and WinterFest Celebration bring diverse communities together to energize and enliven the downtown. These events and downtown promotions play in an integral role in our defining and developing East Stroudsburg as a great place to live, work and play.

Community Development

ECA works closely in support of other area non-profits and has forged meaningful and supportive partnerships with the Sherman Theater, the Railroad Tower Society, the Pocono Community Theater, the Salvation Army, and the Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society, and Steamtown NHS, just to name a few.  ECA actively assists other non-profit organizations to ensure the success of their fund raising efforts and roles in providing support services as well as educational, artistic and cultural resources.

By facilitating train excursions with Steamtown National Park of

Scranton, and the Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society, ECA has helped attract the visit of railroad enthusiasts from all over the country to our historic Dansbury Depot train station and our one-of-a-kind historic railroad switching tower.  Our Railroad Tower Society mission is to educate visitors about the history of rail transportation. The ECA has also supported and helped fund the exterior restoration of the Historic Railroad Tower with a $7,500.00 grant, which unquestionable sets Eastburg apart and promotes its railroad-rich heritage.

Being a college community, ECA works closely with East Stroudsburg University, by serving on its Campus and Community coalition and Town/Gown forum.  ECA also offers internship and volunteer opportunities for ESU students that wish to compliment their classroom education with positive, real world application.

ECA is also partnered with Lehigh Valley Medical Center-Pocono for the promotion of health and wellness in our community. ECA facilitates  health outreaches at community events, such as the American Freedom Festival.  As part of this partnership, the Medical Center has supported ECA’s valuable work in the community.

Historic Preservation

Last, but certainly not least, the ECA is responsible for supporting our historic railroad switching tower as well as the restoration of the fire-damaged Dansbury Depot, (Historic East Stroudsburg Railroad Station). By relocating and rearticulating this 19th Century Historical Station to meet the demands of the current market, ECA wishes to renew the Dansbury Depot’s role in the community as: an anchor building in downtown, economic generator, home to art and artifacts relevant to our history, and source of local and regional pride. ECA recognizes its responsibility to promote East Stroudsburg as a community that capitalizes upon its assets. Our community’s unique local history is perhaps its most valuable asset. Following our mission to advance the sense of place, quality of life, and economic vitality of Downtown East Stroudsburg, the ECA firmly believes that relocating and sustaining the Dansbury Depot is paramount to the cultural and economic health of our community, both present and future. A project of this size and vision needs an dedicated team of members ready to share their skills and insights to this challenging, yet very rewarding project. It is an opportunity to save history and make some in the process.

Clearly, the ECA has an important role to play in this community. A role that is growing very quickly with the community it serves. Our members are the lifeblood of this organization. A community is only so strong as the sum of its parts. Become a part of the ECA today!


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